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The Late-in-Life Writer August 1, 2023


When you get to be my age, 70+, the word vacation takes on a "change of scenery" feel. Although that can be true at any age, the excitement feels different. I do love our home so there is no pressure to"escape." For me, a change of scenery has to include a purpose: ecology, archiology, architecture, food, and others.

John, my other half, declared that we would begin traveling to all the places we ever said we'd love to go to now that the COVID shut-down was over. He wasn't kidding. John got the ball rolling last November. Now, it seems like it is right around the corner, with less than 100 days. As seniors, we wait until the school year begins to travel in ernest. During summer, it's more family oriented visits.

I hope you have the opportunity, if only to visit with family and friends in other places. Kids love day trips. Parents love them, too, as they are usually easier on the budget. Get the Kiddos involved in the planning! Create a calendar board for them to add their "wishes," one "sticky note" at a time. Then, sit together as a family to explore the ability to make it happen.

It's an opportunity to teach them about the financial limitations of a family budget. The price of admission to most theme parks, on top of travel expenses and lodging, can be outrageous! Show them how to explore "things to do" in a particular city, town, etc. It can also teach them about negotiating for their desires since you can't spend every day at a water park vs. a lake or a beach.

South Carolina has some great state and county parks with things like hiking, fishing, waterfalls, camping and so much more. If you purchase the "Official Guide to South Carolina State Parks" you will get discounts. And, don't forget to introduce yourselves to the Park Rangers wherever you go! They love to tell you about "their" park. If you saw my blog post last month, you saw pictures I took during a trips to Susquicentennial Park off Two Notch Rd. in Columbia, SC, where I asked if there were and bats (that I could see) and Edisto Beach. They are so well versed in all the creatures of their park and love educating the visitors, young or old! Some, like Edisto Beach State Park, have Environmental Learning Centers.

As the days dwindle until school starts back up you might want to plan to visit a SC State Park. Who says fun can't be educational, not me! Pack up a picnic lunch and see what happens!

Oh! And just in case you didn't know or forgot, my next book will be on South Carolina Ecology! I expect to have it out later this year... You'll also see all the SC environmental experts who helped. I am in the process of incorporating some of their suggestions into my manuscript and am so grateful for their input.

Enjoy the rest of the summer...

Halina Schafer, Author (on Facebook)

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