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           Join us Thursday, 11/30 and
                         Friday, 12/1 
The Snowball Craft Fair at Lexington
Icehouse Pavillion
       107 W. Main St, Lexington 29071
(turn on South Church St to access            the Pavillion behind Main St)     
The Snowball Christmas Craft
hours are from 4 to 8 pm
There are 40+ vendors with everything     you can imagine: children's books,                   crafts of every kind and more!
          Ask me about my next book!

     December 2: The 2023 Tinsel Town
 Holiday Market from
9am to 2pm
     Lake Murray Presbybyterian Church
       2721 Dutch Fork Road, Chapin, SC

 This  is an indoor AND outdoor Market. Please visit
                                        me inside!


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