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The Late-In-Life Writer 7/1/23

A Time to Share

As I wrote each of my stories, I shared them with other writers. Then, each went to a children's book edititor for a professional eye toward children's literature. I have appreciated both aspects of input toward my writing.

If you've read my other blogs this year (still available for your reading pleasure) I try to highlight what moves me forward and holds me accountable. I owe it to you as you purchase my books. I owe it to the children who listen to and/or read my books.

The book I am currently working on is one I want to see children reach for, because they see the same things I do. (By the way, it is geared toward middle school ages.) I will share a local news headline: "B............. residents report bear sightings!"

This happened days ago. Although I live in the Midlands, I know all animals in SC and many other states are being displaced. To put it in human terms, bears, deer, bats, and so many more animals are up against eminent domain (of sorts). They can't speak for themselves as new construction is clear-cutting their habitats.

When I shift my focus to the SC coast, habitat is becoming a bigger issue every day. By land and by sea, animals are being evicted from their space as their habtat faces destruction. If you've seen different animals in your yard that you never saw before, ask yourself "Why?" Then, look around your neighborhood and county. If you see what I do you will agree that new houses are going up at an alarming rate. Let's carry that forward on an adult level. Next thing to go up will be our taxes, water and utility bills.

Back to my next book topic. Children need to learn what this will mean in their future. For every animal we displace, we are disrupting the ecosystem. All those trees that were ripped out were filtering our air and providing natural filtration for water going into an aquifer. Eradicating these basics leads to more climate change. I think you get the picture. It's not a pretty one.

I am passionate about what will be here for the next generations to follow. My manuscript is currently in the hands of several professionals in the field of ecology. I want this book to be as timely as possible. As I get closer to the publication date, later this year, I will be posting more. I want this to be STEM-approved.

I hope I've piqued your interest. There will be more about getting the Kiddos involved. The 1st photo below is one I took while exploring on Edisto Island and the 2nd is from a trip through Susquicentennial Park with a very informative Park Ranger.

Please share these with your children. Ask them to talk about what they see and why it is important. You'll be happy you did!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and share it. You just might be "growing" a STEM student and future Ecologist! #scelology,#learnwhereyoulive

Halina Schafer, Author

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