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The Late-In-Life Writer and Coastal South Carolina

Late Again! December 10th, 2023

If you read my Blog Post from last month, you know much of my next self-publishing event was pushed back to Spring 2024. All the mechanics of producing the physical book require a great deal of coordination.

These are the types of tasks that I could not possibly do while traveling. I don't have that kind of expertise. I end up anguishing over who, what, when, where and how. I get in my own way. I did not trust myself with something so important as the details, i.e. - timing, costs, etc, to produce this book before I was ready mentally and physically.

When we returned from the last trip, I was truly exhausted by jetlag for several weeks. To get through any day, I needed to take naps. At best, I was getting only four consecutive hours of night-time sleep. I might add that during that trip (out of the country) I contracted COVID, which really did a number on me, in and of itself, but more so with the medication. Yes, we did have the latest vaccine two weeks before we embarked. But, I was foolish to not wear a mask in crowds.

I am getting my proverbial "ducks in a row" now. I am waiting for some pricing on production and editing costs. This book is very special to me in that it was borne out of my passion on two levels: For the brilliant children who will be the "fix-it" generation and, equally, for the ecology of coastal South Carolina. When the day comes that I am done writing for good, I want to be certain that somone learned something about what I saw and heard.

There is a dilemma here, for me, at any rate. I had a number of peers tell me to seek acceptance from a publishing house. I don't want to wait for approval only to be put at the end of a line of other children's book authors who are equally passionate, should I be considered for a contract. It could take years! It all boils down to cost vs. timing vs. relationship. The latter would be what John and I have done and the desire to travel in spite of the chaos the world /planet seems to be experiemcing.

I wish each and every one Peace and Love around the World, today and always.

I know that sounds naive, but let's show the children what we can do if we put our collective minds together.


Halina Schafer, Author

Third-Career Press, LLC

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