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Blog # 3 – The-Late-in-Life Writer

4/1/23 Curiosity vs. Confusion

Maybe "confusion" is too strong a word. I'll invoke Albert Einstein here because I have always admired his relentless pursuit of "... the next thing to consider." I would say I am a researcher at heart. This applies to my whole life with a who, what. when, where and how approach which, for me, includes what next?!

Curiosity brought me to my first career of over 20 years in medical pathology. Why did some people succumb to health issues and others move past illness and go on to thrive. I am (literally) a survive-and-thrive person. I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 11 after more than a year of doctors and clinics that could not figure it out. BTW, the treatment was what almost killed me back then. Knowledge on this disease and treatments have grown exponentially. It was my mother, a particular doctor and nurse's daily reminders of "Yes you can do this!" and their big hearts that kept me going. For the past 60 years, through this day (and beyond) that my daily adventure is "places to go, people to meet and questions to answer!"

My second career of over 20years, brought me back to school in my mid-30s to redo an undergrad degree, this time in Psychology and straight into a master's degree in Social Work. Why, you ask? Curiosity. What happens in the developmental process that makes us the adults we become? It's called the Bio-Psycho-Social approach.

In between those two careers I did agreat deal of self-study in the field of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. It's all about the mind / body (brain development and genetics) connection along with the supports we have. The latter included my Spiritual development, too. They all combine to keep us healthy in every area. (Hint: stress is a killer!)

Okay, so how does this relate to writing children's books? Given the quality of life issues we all must endure (read as "stressors") daily, even if there is a nurturing environment at home with the right amount of emphasis on learning, I believe I just might be able to spark something in a child by way of a story. I love that possibility! So... if you or your child have read any of my books, I hope you will write a review at:

I will use Mr. Einstein's words to close,"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."

See you next time. I appreciate YOU!

Halina Schafer, Author

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