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Who Found Who?

Who Found Who?


This is a "fictionalized" story, based on a true event, that happened in the Spring of 2017. The author, Halina (a.k.a. "Hali") uses her imagination to make sense of the outcome of finding a Quaker parrot sitting on the roof of her SUV. IT quickly became evident that this bird was hand-raised, not "wild". Where did he come from? How did he get out of the wild? What did he encounter along the journey and how long had he been on his own?


The story addresses decision makiong, problem solving, trust and love for both "Georgie," the main character, and "Hali." Georgie puts voice to his adventures in this five-chapter, fast paced book. Georgie must make quick decisions to stay safe when scary events start to happen. When Hali finds him, she needs to figure out how to help without scaring him away. And, once she does, then what?


The story is an "easy reader chapter book" for children ages 6 to 9 years old and in the levels between 1st and 6th grade. As with all things, children's abilities and reading skill vary and develop at their own pace. This is a good introductory story that can be read aloud to a child until they begin to recognize letters, sounds and words. Children will naturally use their imagination, intellect and critical thinking as they begin to understand the story.


For an update on how Georgie is doing, joing me on Facebook: Halina Schafer, Author. I think you will enjoy the recent video about Georgie two years later. He can be a handful some days, but he does make life interesting!

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