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Fiona and the Extra-Special Invisible Gifts

Fiona and the Extra-Special Invisible Gifts


"Fiona and the Extra-Special Invisible Gifts" is research driven and written with both the child and the reader in mind. The story is narrated by a somewhat older (pre-school age) Fiona, as she begins to understand the gifts she learned of on her first birthday have been working together ever since. Fiona's family takes time every day to point out that her invisible Spirit energy, especially love, brings each of these invisible gifts together to bring out her best abilities. Fiona also learns that the more she uses and shares her gifts, the more she will get. The outcome is even more special when she learns she has new friends... but you'll have to read the story to see how that happens! 


The research that went into this book is based on the (neurological) development of hearing, sight, vocabulary and comprehension. The story is further enhanced with a subtle, Spiritual (non-denominational) component. All of these elements come together as a recipe for a successful child, student and global citizen. The story is designed for new parents at the beginning of the parent-child bond and continuing into the learning curve in just a few, meaningful minutes a day. It's also the perfect book for Grandparents and other childcare providers.


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