Halina Schafer


As a retiree, I am into my third career, merging elements of the first and second, as the quintessential student. I have twenty-plus years working in medical pathology, the biological sciences. This was followed by twenty-plus years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Therapist, utilizing the psychological and social sciences. Now, my plan for the next twenty-plus years as a writer / story-teller is to continue to build my craft and tap into classes such as Gotham (NY) Children’s Book Writing, workshops and membership / participation in professional support groups such as Alliance for Independent Writers (Alli / national) and We Need Diverse Books, which "...promotes literature that reflects the lives of all young people". I am a member of the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC), because it is my intent to always write stories that enhance child / family learning experience. 


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